Edward Bock - Artist


Edward Bock

4301 Ewing Avenue South,

Minneapolis, MN 55410



Ed Bock has been making images for over 45 years.  While earning a living as a successful commercial photographer he also explored personal artistic expression.  His art is an exploration and response to textures, iconic shapes, colors and ideas from his outer and inner worlds.


Ed varies his approach to creating art using diverse materials: rust on metal, acrylic paint, carved figures, charcoal, and dried plant material on canvas. Besides a paintbrush and camera, his tools include old credit cards, spray bottles, cardboard scrapers, chopsticks, and his favorite, the Dremel Tool.


Much of Ed's work is inspired by pedestrian pathway signs.  The signs intrigue him as they are of a generic figurative symbol that is spray painted on the walking path using a stencil, yet due to application and weathering, no two images are alike.


“Standing at a blank canvas is like stepping into a mysterious forest all alone: it’s exciting, challenging and fun.  Making or finding a path and seeing where it leads is extremely satisfying.”


Ed Bock’s art can be found in both corporate and private collections.




612-332-8504 Studio


My work is about exploration, journey, environment, relationship, community, diversity and evolution.

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