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This is the sketch idea the client chose from four I submitted. 

The final piece will be 48" x 96" with the carved figures standing off the ground approx. an inch.
I'm in the middle of the production so I will post more to this blog as I progress as well as the final piece.  It's fun to have a deadline. :)


I'm still working on the background panel and I need to seal the piece.

One more day of work to go.  Tomorrow I will assemble the piece and take the record photographs.  Thursday afternoon the installation team will pick up the work.

This is the final work.  The art installers picked the piece up at 8am and by noon it was installed in it's new home, a large meeting room in the new Wells Fargo building next to the new football stadium in Minneapolis.  I am very pleased with the project and have a number of ideas for companion pieces to this work named   A City Built From Water, 48 x 96 inches printed carved acrylic mounted on acrylic on wood panel.

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