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Artist Statement


I have always been fascinated by how seemingly independent elements of our surroundings and ecosystems are actually hyper-connected and interdependent—everything from known symbiotic relationships in the natural world to the less obvious influences that people and the physical world have on each other. It is a phenomenon that never fails to amaze and astonish me. Through my artwork, I explore and reframe seemingly chaotic patterns, colors, and textures, presenting them in a way that looks deeper into the unknown relationships that are all around us.


Becoming an artist has been a lifelong process. My initial passions centered on biology— collecting specimens and raising fish—and it wasn’t until adulthood that I began exploring my creative impulses, first through photography and later through mixed media abstract art. As a result, each time I sit down to create a piece, I make a deep dive into my inner psyche, discovering the hidden creative connections and influences within myself. The process of spreading gels and colors across a canvas and adding unexpected materials to see what happens is very similar to standing in a pond with duckweed swirling around my nets, and collecting “things” to see.


In my work, I often combine unexpected elements such as photographic images, metal, fabric, and multiple layers of paint, charcoal, or graphite. The human figure appears prominently in many of my pieces, combined with color and texture to act as a metaphor for how we appear similar on the surface but harbor hidden individualities. I also combine my deep interest in biology with my art. I recently began exploring dark field photography, and use the resulting photos of microorganisms as inspiration for my pieces.


During the creation process, I respond intuitively to what emerges from the unexpected combination of disparate materials. I do not force the piece to conform to a final vision but adapt to artistic possibilities as they emerge. The “in-flow” nature of my artistic process helps me focus on going deeper and explore the relationships and connections of my subject matter more thoroughly. In each piece I seek to offer an overarching narrative of interconnectedness. 






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