Edward Bock - Artist


Ed working on Shadow Caster


From a childhood longing, I came to creating fine art later in life.  My work connects back to memories from my childhood, fascinations, interests, and life experiences.  As I paint, my own deep inner flow comes to me in the choices I repeatedly make without consciousness.  I’m in the moment, and later, connect these choices to recognize the story, or recall the memory.


I am attracted to textures and paints on pavement.  Weathered and worn pedestrian signs stamped on the sidewalk intrigue me.  These walking figures became my irregular shaped surface on which to explore texture, color and meaning.  They are my symbols for humankind.


As I continue to follow my curiosity and work with varied materials, my love of textural and abstract patterns shows up and my figurative iconic pedestrians keep making an appearance.


My work is my journey: down a sidewalk, inside myself, to know myself.





Ed Bock’s art can be found in corporate and private collections.




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Edward Bock

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